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Thai Body Massage

Thai body massage much helpful for you

Thai body massage

Thai Massage is not a special type of massage. This is an alternative medicine method of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine in India was born thousands of years ago, since then Ayurvedic practices have been going on in India. In this method, herbs, acupressure, diet, deep breath, meditation, yoga and massage are used for the whole body massage treatment. This massage is also considered a form of yoga. For this reason Thai Yoga Massage is also called.

Basic massage enhances the functioning of body surface muscles and connective tissues, and the whole body feels comfortable. Theoretically, there are about one hundred eight types of massages, of whom about 20 types of massages are very popular. Thai massage is also one of them. The different aspect of Thai massage is its technique. In this massage, the physician uses his hands, elbows, knees, legs and feet to relieve the stress and pain of the body muscles.

The customer is totally inactive under this massage and he only follows the instructions of the physician, such as deep breathing and shaping the body according to the doctor. So that, during massage, the client could get the full benefit of breathing methods.

There is no need to be naked during this massage. During Thai Massage, wearing loose clothing is advised. And during this massage, no oil is also used. During this massage, the customer is laid on floor or land or on some hard surface.

This massage is not for the first time people coming to the spa, unless they are enthusiastic about its massage. If you are a sportsperson or athlete and planning any physical or mental work then Thai Massage is the right tool for you. Thai Massage is known to be more intense, harsh, stimulating and enthusiastic than other types of massages.

Thai massage is considered to be the best for relaxing stress, better blood circulation, joint relief, toxicity in mind and flexibility of muscles and relief from stress. Usually this massage starts from the legs and moves upwards.