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Mediation for the therapies as therapies requried mediation

Mediation for the therapies

September 5 2017 12 Comments

So much has been written about the body mind connection and its healing. Our mind connects with universal healing through meditation or being aware of this connection. When the body mind and spirit are in balance then the hands become vibrant source of energy. When the body is sick its healing energy is diminished

How can we be effective healers if we are out balance? then contact body massage in delhi

Close your eyes fill in the picture of your surroundings, especially the warmth of the sun. Ask for renewed energy for your body from the environment. Keep the sun Glowing and bathing you in its warmth from the top of your head throughout your body to your feet.

Ask for the support mother earth and the father is sky, let this energy both ground and lift you.

As you relax and the energy come to your hands , pour your palms, together, ta a breath, and then six more deep breaths , rub your hands together vigorously for then seconds , then gently bring them apart.

Do you feel swelling warmth in your hands ? how far apart can you hold on to this ball of energy without losing it , Playing with and close together then apart slowly

Howe does it feel on you face. On your hands on your abdomen

This is your healing energy, bio magnetic energy, it always there , it is endless. It is your special connection with universal love.